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Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club
Est. 1926

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Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club Rules

  • The gate for club access will be locked.
  • The membership coordinator will contact you on how to obtain your key. If you lend keys out you could lose your membership and/or be liable for any damages (physical or criminal) as a result.
  • Firearm discharge is allowed from 9:00am to 9:00pm - OR full DAYLIGHT HOURS within that timeframe
  • Range use is restricted to members. Be sure to sign the ledger inside the rifle shooting shed and pay as noted.
  • Save yourself a trip and be sure to check our calendar before coming out. Events that may impact the range will be posted there.
  • CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!! It is the shooter's responsibility to clean up the range, sweep the shed and deposit brass in container when done.
  • It is every person's (shooter or not) responsibility to ensure maximum safety and to handle firearms with that in mind at all times.
  • Be sure to adhere to all provincial and federal health regulations or as requested by the club.
  • It is every user's responsibility to read and adhere to the posted rules.
  • Observers must stay behind the firing line while shooting is active.
  • Hearing and eye protection are required for all participants and spectators in the shooting shed. Hearing protection is strongly recommended for all spectators outside the shed.
  • Alcohol, marijuana, and/or drugs, or using firearms under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and/or drugs, is strictly forbidden.
  • The Green flag is to be placed on the outside end of the building when there is a cease-fire in place. Rifles and shotguns are to be racked with the actions open. Handguns are to be unloaded with actions open, holstered or otherwise secured.
  • The Red flag is to be shown at the end of the building when the range has active shooting.
  • No targets are to be placed over ground posts! USE CROSS SLATS ONLY!
  • Use only authorized targets. Steel targets are to be a minimum of 7 meters from the shooter.
  • Exploding reactive targets (i.e., Tannerite) are not permitted.
  • Only paper or steel target designated as such are authorized. No bottles, glass, plastic, electronic equipment etc.
  • Van Horn Range (Rifle) targets are not permitted more than 125 yards from the shooting shed or closer than 20 yards from the shooting shed.
  • Atherton Range (rimfire only) targets are not permitted more than 50 yards from the shooting shed and not closer than 15 yards from the shooting shed.
  • When two or more persons are shooting, one person must be designated the Range Safety Officer and their instructions are to be followed.
  • When a CEASE FIRE is called, shooters will immediately stop shooting, unload, and make their firearms safe.
  • When inside the firing area all firearms are to be pointed downrange in a safe direction.
  • After a misfire or hang-fire, the action must remain closed for a full 60 seconds with the muzzle pointed down range in a safe direction. Then the shooter may proceed to attempt to make the firearm safe. The muzzle must stay pointed in a safe direction until the firearm can be cleared.
  • The Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club reserves the right to refuse use of the range or have removed, any person, member or not, who is in contravention of these rules or behaves in a way that jeopardizes the safety, good name or enjoyment of this facility by other users.
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